Mar 10

Murder and the taste of limes

limebugs2With leather gloves, I seize these bugs, as they breed, as they eat tender leaves and buds. The air stinks and my skin sometimes burns with the acrid juice they spray in fear.

‘I’m amazed how quickly the desire for limes made me a murderer.’

‘No, you were already a murderer. What’s interesting is how quickly you became a mass murderer,’ remarks my husband, casting an analytical eye over the crushed bodies beneath my feet.

I do this so we can squeeze limes into our tea, our beer, our curry, and so we can eat death marmalade.



But enough about what I get up to in the weekends. There is much more intriguing  (and free) weekend reading online. SQ Mag, an ‘International Speculative Fiction eZine’, includes SF, bizarro, horror, fantasy and the supernatural. In the March 2013 issue, I lingered over ‘The Stills’ by Jeremy C. Shipp. The story makes my weekend activities look quite benign. I like that in a story.

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