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Review of The Self Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide

The Self Publisher's Ultimate Resource Guide

The Self Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide

Joel Friedlander and Betty Kelly Sargent
Edition: first; e-pub viewed using Calibre
Publisher: Marin Bookworks
ISBN 978-0-936385-37-2

A useful directory of mainly US resources for anyone interested in indie writing and publishing

The directory offers a curated collection of around 850 resources divided into three major sections (Prepare, Publish and Promote), which are further divided into reasonably intuitive subcategories. There is no index. An electronic edition and a reading device with an internet connection is the best way to view this book, because you can word-search and click on web addresses provided.

This is very much a US-focused directory of resources. Most of the professionals and organisations listed are based in the US; a few are in Canada and the UK. Three are based in Australia. As a parochial aside, there are definitely many more than three great resources for self-publishers in Australia.

I particularly enjoyed browsing the web pages of editors, illustrators and book designers (all listed in the Prepare section). The recommended reading lists included in each section are also worth a checking out: “Best Books on Writing”, “Best Books on Self-Publishing”, and “Best Blogs on Self-Publishing”.

Even if you do not have a special interest in US resources, an electronic version of this book is a useful research tool for anyone engaged in the rapidly evolving world of publishing outside the rarefied and shrinking realms of agents and publishing houses. You can, with just a few clicks, get a good sense of what is currently on offer, and what you can achieve.

More about the authors and some free reading:

Joel Friedlander’s blog is featured in Belinda Pollard’s article 4 useful blogs to get you started in self-publishing.
A Bright Future for Indie Authors by Betty Kelly Sargent is a brief informative article on current developments in publishing and self-publishing.

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