Aug 27

Writers build the web: a back-end tech diary (2)

The Raspberry-Pi: a writer’s server

Shopping, and writing a disk image to an SD Card

SD Cards, Card reader, Wireless Adapter
Today I went shopping at two local tech supplies shops. The brands I chose are not especially significant, tech specs were the main issue.

I bought:

  • A USB External Card Reader. The model I settled on was a Shintaro Blazer SH-XCR3. It does the job, it’s red and the price is right: AUD$10.00.
  • Two class 10, 16 GB micro SD cards. In this case, the brand I bought was Kingston and the cards come with a micro adapter, in case the slot on your reading device is sized for the larger (non-micro) card. Price: AUD$ 11.00 each. Adequate size (16 GB) and speed (class 10) are important for this project. One card, after I have written the appropriate software will be plugged into the Raspberry-Pi and transform it into a wordpress.org server. The other is a spare, for backup purposes, trying other stuff out and so on.
  • A wireless USB adapter with a high-gain antenna. I chose the EDIMAX EW–7612UAn (300 Mbps). This will plug into the Raspberry-Pi (when I get it). I could just use a network cable instead but one less cable in the office seems like a good thing.

At this stage, I’m still waiting on the Raspberry-Pi. In the meantime, guided by Ryan Siegel’s instructions:

  1. I downloaded PressPi v2.2 and unzipped it.
  2. Then I downloaded Win32DiskImager.
  3. After plugging my card reader, and inserting the card, I ran Win32DiskImager. It’s a simple point and click program, yet I didn’t find it quite as intuitive as I expected. I went ahead and pointed and clicked anyway. Click the folder icon to select the unzipped PressPi disk image. Select the SD card in the card reader using the Device button. Press the Write button. Wait a bit. Done. Remove the micro SD card. Note to self – don’t lose it. This is my Raspberry-Pi’s brain and it’s tiny.

So now I’m waiting for the Raspberry-Pi to arrive so I can put that card in and set up my website.

Writers build the web: a back-end tech diary (3) is coming soon.


  1. Pi-man

    You are berry clever Adele.

    1. Adele Fletcher

      Thank you, Pi-man!

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