Oct 10

Writers build the web: a back-end tech diary (3)

The Raspberry-Pi: a writer’s server



Completed Raspberry-Pi WordPress server

You can see the finished result up and running, next to a small Japanese coffee cup (designed by artist Akiko Ikeda, whose fantastic picture books taught me a lot of Japanese).

Here is what I needed to assemble the Raspberry-Pi

A corner of my pattern drafting and fabric cutting table served as my bench space; hence the tailor’s shears, gridded cutting mat and chalk in some of the pictures. The grid lines are 10 mm apart.

I used the official Raspberry-Pi 2 case. Rectangular with a white and raspberry colour, it was the conservative option both in styling and price. A quick internet search turns up a surprising variety of styling options for the case. Next time, I might be tempted by a Pibow Rainbow. Unless there’s a kitty-cat option — Ikeda San, are you out there?

R-Pi case, board and card, still wrapped
Above is:

  • the Raspberry Pi case
  • the Raspberry-Pi 2 Model B computer board, out of its box but still in its static-free wrapper
  • the micro-SD card with Press-Pi installed

Below is:

  • the box again (upside down and unwrapped)
  • and the two essential tools for the job:
    • kitchen scissors (one pair)
    • quality wooden chopstick (one)

Raspberry-Pi, scissors,chopstick

The kitchen scissors were used to remove packaging. The chopstick was used to apply gentle but focused pressure when clipping fiddly bits together.

Assembling the Raspberry-Pi

I unclipped the case:

Opening the Raspberry-Pi case
Raspberry-Pi case dismantled
And clipped in the computer board:
Raspberry-Pi board close-up
I slipped the SD card into the little box you can hardly see to the left of the raspberry logo. The slot opens to the outside, so you can do that afterward too.
Then I closed the case and added the self-adhesive plastic feet:

R-Pi case underside

You can see that assembling the Raspberry-Pi involves no technical hurdles whatsoever.
The next step was to connect my newly minted WordPress server to the network and make it go.
I’ll tell you how that went in my next blog post.

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