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A quick keyword search of Mignon Fogarty’s quick and dirty grammar tips can sometimes save the day.


Find it with your local writing community, and your global one.

Every November a US nonprofit, NaNoWriMo, runs a ‘National Novel Writing Month’. Despite the title, it attracts participants from all over the world.


You will also find slush; but that’s educational too.
Authonomy (HarperCollins)
JukePop Serials
FictionPress The least user-friendly option.

Australia and Queensland

The Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd) is a fount of information, including the Australian standards for editing practice.

The Society of Editors (Queensland) Inc offers monthly speaker presentations, as well as workshops and networking opportunities.

Wherever you are, the local public and state libraries are a treasure trove. Queenslanders can enjoy some great online resources through the State Library. Two catalogue searches to try through the Queensland State Library search engine: ‘Books + publishing magazine’ using the new catalogue and ‘Macquarie Dictionary’ using the old catalogue.

The Queensland Writers Centre has great some great information with an Australian focus. Their writers’ guides are clear, concise, online and free. They are also likely to be applicable regardless of your geographical location. The Queensland Writers Centre also publishes The Australian Writer’s Market Place (subscription only access).