Tribal rituals made me an editor

It all began when I was writing my PhD thesis on Maori religion. I read, night and day, a mass of writing by travellers, explorers, traditional experts and diarists who liveprofilesquared in New Zealand around two centuries ago. Their stories were amazing. Sometimes the writing was so vivid it transported me to another world–just like a really good novel or short story. It is thanks to these writers that my thesis turned out to be a well-written, rattling good read (you can read it here: Adele’s thesis). Having been magically transported to a world where people danced, fought, sang and talked with the dead and the gods, I learned that I loved other people’s writing. As I travelled from New Zealand to Japan, and then to Australia, I found myself spending more and more time editing other people’s work. This WordPress blog is the place where I write about writing, books and words.But sometimes I just write. If you are looking for an editor, please click on ‘Editing Services’ in the menu.

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